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Equonix offers all-in-all services of Board Support Package and Operating System Porting laying from implementation to customization.

Embedded Linux, RTOS and Android Porting

Strong expertise in OS porting of leading embedded operating systems like Linux, WinCE, Android etc. With the latest processor chips available in the market, it has become a very common practice to make platform-specific changes to Kernel code. And hence we have developed this expertise, along with this we master in reducing the OS footprint where RAM usage was to be limited to image processing ona GPU board.

Successfully worked on OS porting on the following hardware:

  • – X86, ARM MPU & MCU and MIPS

ARM Cores

  • – Cortex A9/A8/A7, Cortex M3

Platform specific changes in the following Embedded OS

  • – Android
  • – Embedded Linux
  • – uCLinux
  • – Real Time OS – FreeRTOS & VxWorks

Board Support Package 

Holding excellence to beat the industry standards in adjusting existing reference BSPs to tailored requirements. Seasoned in leading embedded OS like Windows Mobile and Embedded Linux, Windows Embedded Suite etc. In-depth expertise in developing bootloaders, architecture code, creating device drivers and customizing the OS design.

Our BSP expertise includes some of the latest processor and controller cores like

ARM Cores

  • – Cortex A9/A8/A7, Cortex M3

ARM Processors

  • – Freescale Semi-conductors: iMX233, iMX287, iMX6;
  • – Texas Instruments: OMAP series
  • – Atmel: AT91 series
  • – Broadcom: Raspberry PI
  • – Analog Devices: BlackFin

ARM Controllers

  • – 16Bit – Arduino/Atmel AVR and PIC microcontrollers

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