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Maximize retail business opportunities with new technology-driven business models. Equonix Tech Lab offers end-to-end smart retail solutions by incorporating disruptive technologies and adopting transformative business models in both physical as well as digital retail spaces. Our experts can create smart retail solutions that will redefine the core retail operations by implementing disruptive technologies. We have delivered successful digital solutions for different clients from the retail industry – helping them to reshape their businesses and match the increasing pace of technology.
1 %
retailers use predictive analytics
1 %
decrease in customer churn
1 %
adopt hyperlocal services

AI and Data Intelligence

Equonix’s artificial intelligence and data intelligence solutions empower retailers in offering data-driven personalization, inventory management, and customer service. With our AI-enabled solution, you can have greater business automation and customer engagement. And the data analytics services will help you in making informed business decisions and recommendations by utilizing data efficiently.

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Digital Innovation

We develop smart retail solutions for web and mobile interfaces to help retailers improve their business efficiency and customer experience. Our team delivers digital innovation in your retail space by creating user experience designs, unified communication, and mobility solutions that help your customers across different touch points, ensuring that their buying experience is seamless.

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Business Services

At Equonix, we deliver holistic technology services that convert retail stores into experience centers for omnichannel customers. With the help of our team, you can develop connected retail solutions that include immersive retail experience, robotics-enabled shopping assistants, IoT-enabled personalized messaging, infrastructure transformation and more.

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Technology Services

In a scenario, where environmental regulations restrict new surveys, geologists and geophysicists can verify their assumptions in their analysis of a field using relevant historical data. This not only eliminates guesswork but saves huge costs with enhanced accuracy in oil & gas well exploration.

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