Infuse the power of domain knowledge of embedded systems, software development and end-to-end technology expertise to manage enterprises with smart devices and seamless connectivity solutions

Industrial IoT

Accelerate the efficiency of enterprises, across all industries, with transformative capabilities and custom-made IoT solutions. Empower organizations with seamless possibilities to connect, communicate and grow

Consumer IoT

Consumer will continue to reign as king in an IoT-driven ecosystem where there are connected cars, smart homes, innumerable wearables for fitness, safety and payments and patient-centric healthcare systems.

Smart Systems

From tiny dust to smart cities, IoT is revamping sustainable ways of life with use of smart energy, smart agriculture, and smart retail for people as well as enterprises. It creates environments with smart sensibilities

How we work?

Planning your IoT program starts with defining the apt landscape that suits your needs. All it takes is a well-thought and disciplined approach to decipher your business requirements and formulate it accordingly to meet your IoT needs. Our team at Radixweb is well-versed in identifying specific needs of various business units to provide an integrated solution with:

  • =Technology and business driven approach
  • =Strategizing IoT as a key enabler
  • =Defining a roadmap in sync with desired outcomes
  • =Valuable industry insights
  • =End-to-end business transformation

Enable a Secure IoT Ecosystem

To implement a secured and safe IoT ecosystem in your business, Equonix offers solution frameworks, acceleration suites and customized capabilities for seamless development and deployment. Devices have to communicate, secure data management, and enable enterprise integration and analytical models to produce valuable insights. For better IoT adoption, Equonix helps in:

  • = IoTization of devices, gateway and security
  • = Data storage and device management
  • = Customized applications and analysis
  • = Integration of IoT apps with systems
  • = Secure cloud enablement

Empowering IoT with Support & Maintenance

Our team ensures smooth functioning of IoT in your enterprise with the help of process management, maintenance and platform support services. For devices, we work relentlessly work towards upgrade, fix bugs and remote management of IoT platforms. Data cleaning, report generation and executing custom-made IoT processes and workflows that provides:

  • = Constant and consistent monitoring and analysis
  • = Establish IT/OT
  • = Performance analysis and data-driven insights
  • = Micro services
  • = Uptime assurance

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