Founded in 2016, Technologies is a service based software development company that transforms ideas into applications. Our cross functional team of motivated, skilled and experienced software engineers and designers, help the clients unlock the business values of their enterprises in a time bound and cost effective manner. Equonix emerged as a key contender in the Embedded Software Services arena and went on to establish itself as a premier player in the IoT domain in a very short span of time.

The company prides itself in putting the client first and believes that Equonix can be successful only if they can make the client successful. Hence, armed with a strong product background and the client's permission, Equonix has always worked beyond the agreement clauses pushing to excel beyond expectations.

Equonix Technologies, with a highly competent delivery team, offers exceptional value to clients through a wide range of software products, services and solutions to the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Storage, Media and Semiconductor industries. The company also focuses on Research and Development to keep itself on the cutting edge of technology.

With a vision to shape the world with new age technology, a team of experienced far sighted professionals


Equonix Technologies is lead by a team of highly experienced and successful professionals from the technology industry. With a common dream and a passion to create value, the management at Equonix is committed to to create an unmatched experience for its customers.

Team Values

Team Values

Since its inception Equonix Technologies has been guided by its core values. These values define the character of the company and act as a guide in the day-to-day decision making process.

Equonix aims to provide more value per dollar to clients by providing timely and qualitative services and solutions and achieving client satisfaction through skill building, innovation and best practiced processes.

Equonix envisions bringing the best of human assets by providing an environment for grooming, nurturing, and growing talent to foster human growth and provide services and solutions to IT companies globally.