IoT & embedded technologies are going everywhere but the industry that is transforming the most is IT hardware and semiconductors. IoT devices are providing a degree of convenience, comfort and energy-efficiency today. The cost saving due to improved products, insights into resource usage, better production forecasting and planning tools, better route optimization for deliveries are all powered by semiconductors.

  • At Equonix, we help companies in the semiconductor industry to get the most out of emerging technology trends with practical next gen versions of your products.
  • With the constant challenges of design and device integration, we step in to address these challenges, backed by our vast experience of various successful implementations for our clients.
  • We have been in the forefront catering to the semiconductor industry with sophisticated and widespread connected technologies, making increase in productivity and convenience possible.
  • With the adoption of IoT, we at Equonix, have been able to bring about revolutionary changes by reducing prices of sensing solutions, wireless power technologies, and computing solutions.

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