Domotics or home automation is one of the more innovative developments in the world of smart home technology. With home owners being able to control their homes through a smartphone or an ipad, homes have become safer, smarter and savvy. Domotics includes centralizing security by controlling all door and gate locks remotely and also having control over home appliances like lights, AC, CCTV system, etc.

  • We, at Equonix, have been helping to add a new level of safety and security to homes with the most advanced and well developed home automation and security systems.
  • Our home automation systems are designed to cover your clients on all fronts, including sending notifications and alerts, and being customized to fit all of the client's needs and retrofitting in existing homes.
  • Our systems are powerful, dependable, have consistent remote access capability and are compatible with all browsers and apps.
  • With a very skilled team and experienced of experts, we create cost effective high tech systems with robust backup & failover mechanisms.

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