Consumer Electronics

IoT innovations have helped change consumer's lives and taken them to a new level of comfort with the added convenience and personalization. Each device with a purpose helps in personalizing every experience. For consumer electronics manufacturers, it is enabling new revenue opportunities, providing new insights into consumer usage, and bringing true inter-operability with other connected consumer products.

  • At Equonix, we help consumer electronics manufacturers to leverage proven technology and get products to market quickly.
  • We are constantly researching and developing different devices that will change the lives of consumers leading them to conserve energy, savings, efficiency and also help in having a better quality of life.
  • In line with our philosophy of placing the customer first, we help you keep your customers not just satisfied but happy.
  • We make sure clients have a hassle free unique experience with remote monitoring and control, event-driven operations, user context awareness, and autonomous cross-device collaboration on certain tasks.

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