IoT applications & Embedded solutions are proving to be powerful game changers in the automotive industry with car connectivity becoming the most promising futuristic technology. Predictive maintenance enables end users to get the right information in advance and prevent potential incidents. Vehicles can receive software upgrades, feature updates, map and traffic updates, safety updates and bug fixes.

  • At Equonix, we specialize in GPS-enabled trackers that communicate with a local low-power wide-area network, allowing the location of each vehicle on their fleet to be monitored.
  • We are helping to radically revolutionize car design with smart infrastructure that makes driving smooth and safe.
  • We address real performance requirements and needs and implement IoT within the design and ideation phase. This helps create instant satisfaction. The end product is more tightly integrated and can aesthetically follow the design framework of the overall vehicle.
  • We begin by creating a framework to align business goals and then implementing solutions to work on the digital transformation journey to success.

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