With IoT, the prediction of weather conditions has taken a big leap towards attaining higher accuracy and flexibility. Remote sensing technology has brought in real time analysis of weather data and has transformed the way data was collected and analysed. As the accuracy of weather forecasting influences various sectors of economy, it is crucial to have a system that provides higher accuracy of real time monitoring and future weather prediction.

  • We have extensive experience and knowledge with our unique world class product, Indradhanu Automatic Weather Station (AWS), which measures various weather parameters like atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind-speed, wind-direction, soil temperature, soil moisture, leaf wetness and solar radiation.
  • At Equonix, we create systems which focus on timely delivery of accurate and reliable weather forecast report to aid the safety and security of citizens and to help various sectors of the economy mitigate unpleasant weather risks.
  • We combine precise data and IoT technology and enable businesses across all industries to make better decisions.
  • Our systems have helped some key industries to transform as a result of the integration of weather data into IoT.

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