IoT based smart agriculture enables farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity ranging from the quantity of fertilizer used to the distance the farm vehicles travels. Smart farming also takes care of environmental issues, by enabling efficient water usage, optimization of inputs and treatments. With smart farming, farmers have more control over the process of growing crops and raising livestock.

  • We are the pioneers in developing systems for IoT based smart farming with an aim to help clients achieve better control over the production process and maintain superior standards of crop quality and growth capacity through automation.
  • oWhether it is weather conditions, soil quality, crop's growth progress or cattle's health, our systems provide the client with accurate data which is crucial to track the state of business, as well as staff performance or equipment efficiency, among others.
  • With a growing need in the world to take care of human health and the environment by cutting down on the use of chemicals like pesticides and herbicides, at Equonix, we are committed to helping farmers go natural and grow their revenue too.
  • At Equonix, we believe that with our unique IoT based solutions, we can influence the world we live in and create the greatest impact on the agricultural sector.

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