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App Development

At Equonix, our Cross-platform App development services focus on the needs of every industry. Equonix's team of developers have extensive expertise on developing App solutions that are immersive and powerful.
We use our experience to design, develop and validate App product and services. We have been delivering successful projects since a decade which have transformed the existing landscape.

Advantages of Equonix Cross-platform App Development

  • 01
    We have expertise in Android, iOS App development frameworks.
  • 02
    From designing to developing to validating we build every product with privacy, security, and scalability in mind.
  • 03
    We work closely with your team and use our expertise to partner you on your product development journey.
  • 04
    Through custom designed App solutions, we help optimize resources and transform your existing manufacturing landscape to a connected and intelligent ecosystem that drives productivity.
  • 05
    We take the time to understand your business, your product and the end-user's needs before developing the product to meet industry specific requirements.

REST API Development

The key focus of REST API Development to provide secure channel to your applications from multiple data resources. At Equonix, we are experts in REST API development which ensure that safety with flexibility. We create a smart connect between global API resources, services and processes for unified functioning. With REST API, we take the evolution of your applications to a completely different level.

Advantages of Equonix REST API Services

  • We provide custom Application Programming Interface (API) solutions cover the development, integration, publishing, documentation, deployment, and continuous maintenance of APIs. We develop robust API architectures and security protocols, like custom key encryptions, access control dashboards, single sign-on and scalable caching proxies. We also engineer API call management platforms for throttling, logging, and authenticating API calls.
  • We develop innovative, We implement internal and external API development solutions that preemptively solve issues regarding communications, content, data sharing, business logic, and microservices. The APIs that we configure are compatible with all types of mobile devices, databases, search engines, and intranet systems.
  • We continuously emphasize best practices when it comes to networking and implementing API integrations. We add web service functionality and integrate disparate business systems with existing applications. We provide API integration services using popular platforms like MuleSoft's Anypoint, Funnel, Azure, Dell Boomi, and Jitterbit.
  • We develop web APIs and API as a Service (APIaaS). We provide HTTP/HTTPS, JSON, Java, XML, XHTML, EDI, AJAX, SOAP and REST API development services. We use Docker containers and HTTP/SOAP interfaces for executing API-based micro-services with custom business logic.
  • Our flexibility and dedication to the client ensure a superior custom-made and error-free product within a limited time frame.

Custom Web App Development

We give web application services that you don’t have to think of another agency while developing your web app.

Advantages of Equonix Web App Development

  • Custom Web App Development.We develop customised web applications for our customers. Our process ensures 360 degree support and quality maintenance. We will handle the backend as well as front end development along with testing and support.
  • Security and Data Management.We provide excellent documentation and data management in real time, alongwith carefully designed dashboards.
  • E-commerce Web App Development.E-commerce web application to carry out online sales. Integrate your business with a web application and witness the growth in sales as well as visitors to your website within a short period of time.
  • Web App CMS.Managing the content in you web application is another service we offer. Our experts ensure quality content management as well as manage them efficiently.
  • Web App Re-engineering. Tired of your old-school web application. We’ve got it covered for you. Our experts will reengineer your web app and create the best one in the industry for you.

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